Plan to board Platform 9¾ at 6pm for Harry Pottery and Trivia night! Amazing prizes will be awarded to the winning trivia team!  Butterbeer and chocolate frogs will be served!

More project pictures will be added soon (ceramic projects have limited availability, reserve quickly!):
$25 Butterbeer Mugs
$30 Hagrid Mugs
$18 Wizarding Wands
$35 Hogwarts Canvas
$25 Hogwarts Mosaic
$30 castle bank
$27 castle mug – (tiny toppers pictured sold separately – owls, wizards and dragons available to add to castle bank & mug)

**You can always pick a plate or platter shape and design your own project with themes such as the marauder’s map, the Deathly Hallows sign or house crest!