Drop in without appointment and paint some pottery!
Tuesday-Wednesday 10-5 ::: Thursday-Saturday 10-8
The last walk-in starting time is an hour before we close.

How it works:

Drop in, pick out a piece of pottery, relax in the studio while glazing (painting) it, leave it with us to be fired, and pick it up 7-10 days later.  No reservations required, but they are suggested for larger groups.  If you want a large amount of the same piece of pottery, 4 weeks notice is suggested so as to make sure stock is available.

We have experienced instructors, stencils, books, and tracing paper on hand to help you achieve your design goals. Before we fire your piece, we dip it in a clear gloss glaze to ensure it’s sealed and food-safe.

Pricing ranges from $8-$60, and depends upon the size and detail of a piece. The average price is $25-$35, and includes any studio and firing fees – no additional cost!  If you do not finish your piece of pottery in one studio visit, pay only an additional $7 return fee.

Pottery Parties:
This is a great idea for bridal and baby showers, birthdays and more – built-in sentimental presents that will be cherished for years to come. If you are going to have a party of 6 or more painters, call ahead and we will make sure we have the space and pottery pieces waiting for you when you come. Pricing depends upon pottery – we have $16 pieces that are perfect for kids; and most of our servingware is $25-$35. We can help you chose your pieces and limit the selection for your guests so it’s not overwhelming when they arrive for the party.

Please Note:
What happens inside a kiln is an art, not an exact science. Due to chemistry and “magic,” we cannot guarantee the exact results of your piece due to no fault of our own. If you are unsatisfied with the results of your piece, we will try to resolve the issue with you, but cannot refund your purchase unless we were specifically at fault (e.i. we drop and break your piece).