Masks are required to paint in the studio right now. If that’s not an option, ask us to take your project to the park around the corner, or pack up an art-to-go kit for you!

Anytime we’re open, you can walk in with no reservations (alone or with a group) and get creative with canvas, ceramics, mosaics or door hangers! Canvas prices range from $25-35, and our pottery pieces range from $10-60 with the average price around $30. (We recommend adults starting two hours prior to the end time, and children at least one hour before to allow plenty of time to finish the paintings.) This is great for family time, home-schooled kids & school breaks! We have experienced instructors on hand to coach you through your desired painting or design.  We also have stencils, templates, tracing paper and inspirational books to help you along the way.