Make a gnome; Find a gnome; Paint a gnome!

Anytime during the month of September, drop in anytime we’re open (Thursday – Saturday 10am-8pm) and ask to make a clay gnome. We’ll have a video tutorial for you to follow along, and of course we’ll be around to troubleshoot or answer any questions! (We reserve the right to limit the number of clay gnomes one person requests to make – please don’t take advantage of this fun event!)

You’ll leave the gnome with us to fire in the kiln. Our goal is to create 200 gnomes so that we can host “The Great Gnome Hunt” on Saturday, October 9.  We will announce more details about that closer to the date!

If you find a gnome that day, you’ll be able to drop in anytime we’re open and we’ll show you how to glaze or paint it with acrylics!