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Mud Club Membership
$50 per month

Prerequisites: You have to have taken a wheel lesson and know hand-building basics before being able to have a mud club membership so that you know clay basics and also studio procedures.

Membership Includes:
 – Access to studio space anytime the studio is open PLUS Mondays 6-8pm
– 25 lbs of clay per month
– Access to pottery wheels and shared clay tools.

Membership Does Not Include:
– Glazing and firing of pieces you’d like to keep. (You’d be surprised how much we have to touch your piece after you leave it to be fired!) For each piece you’d like to keep, we will charge a $8 glazing/firing fee.
– Studio employees cleaning up your work area
– Instruction from studio employees; although we will help/give pointers as we are able.

Member Responsibilities:
Clean Up: Please clean up after yourself each visit to the studio. This includes cleaning up your wheel or work area, wiping down tables, and putting all tools and materials away.

Marking your Work: It is your responsibility to mark your own work with your initials so that we can identify it and set it in your area after it’s been fired in the kiln.

Where to put pieces ready to be fired: Carefully place clay pieces that are ready to be fired onto the rolling cart behind the kiln wall. We will monitor them and fire them as they are completely dry, and set them in your cubby.

Can I bring in my own clay?
– No. In order to ensure that all work going in the kilns is fired at the proper cone, we require all clay fired at ‘stache studio to be purchased from us.

What happens if I don’t use all 25 lbs in one month?
– We cannot pro-rate if you don’t use all your clay. You are welcome to roll it over to the next month. We will work on the honor system as far as tracking how much clay you use. Please be honest.

Can I bring a friend with me?
– You’re welcome to bring a friend and sit together in the studio, but they will have to pick another project (canvas, clay, mosaic, door hanger) unless they are also in the mud club.

What if a piece breaks/explodes/cracks in the kiln?
– Due to the unexpected nature of pottery, we cannot guarantee that each piece of work will make it safely out of the kiln. We cannot be responsible or provide compensation for pieces that experience adverse effects, as long as the breakage or problem was through no direct fault of a studio employee.

Can I use a gift certificate, discount or promotion toward Mud Club fees?
– No, sorry.